Jada Wheeler – Seizure Alert Service Dog

Jada Wheeler is a hard-working wife and mother of two. Jada is known for her fun-loving personality and her commitment to those she cares about. She will do whatever it takes to make sure those she loves are taken care of. Jada has many passions in life including singing, hiking, and being with her children.

Jada loves to spend time outdoors with her two daughters. She has a six-month-old and three-year-old who both keep her on her toes. Along with being a full-time mother and wife, Jada also works full-time as a customer service rep at the Home Depot call center. While the hours are long and limited break times can cause challenges, Jada is committed to helping provide for her family.

Since Jada was young, she has suffered from Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic disorder which causes unpredictable seizures along with additional neurological conditions. Although seizures create a unique daily challenge for those with Epilepsy, public misunderstanding of this disorder can sometimes cause even more damage than the seizure itself. Jada felt these damaging effects when she was growing up and was often made fun of from her fellow peers.

Along with Epilepsy, Jada also has anxiety and panic disorder which can make her Epilepsy worse. When she experiences anxiety or has a panic attack it will often lead to a seizure episode. The daily commitments of Jada’s busy life make these disorders even more difficult to manage. In order to help curve these challenges, Jada is raising funds to attain a Seizure Alert Service Dog.

Seizure Alert Service Dogs are specially trained to detect a seizure before it occurs so the handler can be prepared and take any necessary precautions. Jada’s service dog will also be trained to help calm her anxiety and prevent a panic attack to reduce the amount of seizures she experiences. The companionship of her service animal will make it easier for Jada to complete her daily tasks in a confident and calming manner. Jada’s service animal will help her take back her life that has been controlled by her Epilepsy for so long. Jada is asking for your support to spread the word for her cause and help her raise the necessary funds so her service animal can complete its training. Your contributions and support are greatly appreciated by her and her family.


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